Nourishing people.
Nourishing the earth.

Making it super easy to produce amazing veg, herbs and flowers.

Grow Some

We’re developing an app to help people grow truly productive gardens. This venture will enable us to scale our impact so we can nourish more people and nourish more earth, and do so all over Australia!

Alongside the app, we are working on developing a suite of resources to guide people in developing their own potager garden.

“A wotager?” Fantabulous question. The word potager comes from the French “potage” which means a thick soup. It speaks of gardens which intimately connect us to our food, of French cottages with self-sufficient gardens brimming with herbs and vegetables and flowers, and of a rich beauty and simplicity of a bygone era.

We want to come along for the whole length of your potager journey – from helping plan and design the garden through to harvesting, cooking and eating. We want to supply recipes for instant gardens, low water garden beds and walk you through step-by-step how to grow the best produce year round.

We want these resources to be super practical and easy to use, no fluffing about; just the best information on growing a beautiful and abundant potager garden.

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